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Age of Conan [May. 24th, 2008|02:01 am]
So I ended up buying Age of Conan. It is actually really good, ignoring it's "just started glitches" and problems like the auction system not working. The combat is pretty fun for the melee classes, though i have only tried the Dark Templar. This class is basically a Paladin, but not. It has all the Soldier based combo's one can expect, and a lot of cool abilities that focus on healing the DT for every hit he causes in combat. PVE wise, the Dark Templar has a lot of lasting ability, but DPS is poor. The class would make a great tank for PVE later in the game(I am at level 29 at the time of posting). The UI is fairly disappointing, and takes me back to WoW, but the combat is so frenetic and exciting I really just ignore that little annoyance. Crafting is reserved for Lvl 40+, so I haven't gotten to that yet, but the gathering part is available at Lvl 20. To say it is easy is an understatement, and that is a really good thing. You need no equipment to gather, you have a separate space in your inventory for resources, and to be able to collect more complex stuff all you have to do is do a quest like "Collect 20 Ash wood" and you can move on to the better stuff.

The single player portion(Optional) is really good and the story line pretty intriguing. I am playing on a PVP server with my guild, so getting ganked while questing happens pretty often. *NOTE* Dark Templars SUCK at PvP.

All in all, it is a pretty fun game, and in my opinion better than WoW once it gets it's glitches and such in order. If you liked WoW, you will more than likely like this game. However, most people don't want to go through the effort of leveling another character in an MMO, and I can see the validity in that argument, especially when the games are as similar as WoW and AoC. The only other downside I can see is that to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL graphics you need one hell of a computer.

Lemme just talk about the visuals for a moment here. THEY ARE GREAT! The animations are cool and fluid, the spell effects are pretty freakin awesome, and the fatalities...well, fuck, what more could you want? Definitely points there.

One more thing. Climbing. Seems pretty dumb and is built in as level features. Still though, it makes you feel like a goddamn ninja.

So yeah. Pretty damn good. If you decide to get it, look me up. My main is Chitzen on Tyrany, member of The Eminence.

P.S. Topless female characters have fully exposed breasts with nipples. Pretty lame I know, but I just thought I should put that out there.