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Age of Conan Review Continued [May. 30th, 2008|01:17 am]
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So, I have been playing AoC for about a week now and hit 40 yesterday. I have already done some crafting, and I have to say, it is pretty wonky, at least for Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing. The 2 suffer from totally different problems, the opposite in fact. Weaponsmithing has about 7 recipes at level 40, and none of the items give you very good bonuses. They do, however, have slots for gems. Armorsmithing, on the other hand, has about 2972098967239709270267207 recipes at level 40, and you need to make one of each to get to the next tier of crafting at i believe 50. This is a pain in the ass as everything you make requires at least one item you must purchase from a vendor and is actually fairly expensive. Armorsmithing does not break down into different classes of armor either, like cloth or leather or mail, but has you doing everything from every class, plus some trinkets on the side. It kinda really sucks.

The economy is also FUBAR'd. You need 1 gold to learn how to ride a mount. Now for any WoW player 1 gold by level 40 seems like no problem. WRONG! For AoC 1 gold is about 100 WoW gold. At this juncture I have accrued about 30 silver, 20 of which as gone to my guild city. This is without paying for repairs or supplies or buying anything ever. This should probably be fixed.

Side note: The Trader (Auction) system is now up, along with the banks, so we shall see if that helps money problems at all.

The guild has gotten alot of it's city up and running, or as running as it gets with no NPCs to speak of in the buildings we put up. Currently we are just dumping money and supplies into it with ultimately no return. Hopefully the developers will fix this nonsense soon.

So far those are my primary grievances, ignoring glitches that should be fixed sooner or later.

Some pluses to explain why I am still playing:

The quests are fun, the Instances are cool, the graphics are good, combat is still action-packed, the storyline is pretty solid still, fighting a blood defiler who looks like a giant but inside out kicks some kind of ass I didn't know could be kicked, fatalities are fucking awesome and do not get old, hanging with my guildies is pretty fun, and pvp is fun.

That is it for now. I am gonna try to level up to 50 by next Monday, so we will see how that goes.